Sunday, 25 July 2010


I'm not talking about anyone else.  I'm not talking about someone I gave a lovely present to who hasn't thanked me.  I'm not even talking about the client who when I rang him up to tell him £40,000 was coming his way, told me he was too busy to talk to me...

Nope.  That's me in the title.

I'm an ungrateful so and so.

I blame it on my parents.  It's all their fault.  If I hadn't had a birthday so close to Christmas, I'd have had to write two sets of thank you letters a year instead of just one.  I'd have had twice the practice and would, as a consequence, be twice as polite, twice as effective, and probably, twice as popular.

Which is not to say that I'm not grateful.  I am.  I'm just lazy.

Which is, in fact, a roundabout way of saying that over the last (eek) three months lots of people have sent me lots of lovely stuff*, and I have yet to say thank you for it. Or indeed, tell them (and you) what I thought.

Over the next couple of weeks, that's all going to change... you  have been warned.

* though sadly no free trips to Florida, or indeed W1 here...


  1. So it seems I am not the only ungrateful soul out there... I am very bad and have had brilliant stuff over the last few months and haven't even mentioned it, how bad...

  2. Yup, me too... Two lots of thanks down, several more to go!


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