Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Are you going to watch the Royal Wedding?

In July 1981 I looked like this:

What I wanted to look like, of course, was this:

Disappointingly the numbers of available bridesmaids in North Essex were limited and I hadn't (then) met my prince...

But I remember it so well. I was four and a half, and as far as I was concerned it was the most exciting thing that had ever happened. There was absolutely no question that I, my bridesmaid, and our parents would sit solemnly through the entire thing, live, on our new telly.

Fast forward thirty years, and I think I'd sort of imagined that L, six months younger now than I was then, would be similarly excited; and that I'd have to find out if I loved her enough to adapt my wedding dress (strapless doesn't work so well on the genuinely flat-chested) so that she and her sisters could play princesses-to-be in their turn.

But she's not going to. Not only does she not know there's a wedding happening, but she's probably never going to, because while however many thousand of their close friends are filing into Westminster Abbey and Wills and Kate are saying I do, we are going to be profiting from an extra-long weekend with no compulsion to visit family (they're coming for Easter) and heading South to catch up with various friends.  I'm enormously looking forward to it, and have no regrets whatsoever about not catching the live nuptials.  I'm pretty certain the papers the next day will show me what the dress looked like after all...

But will I regret it? Am I alone?  Are the heralded street parties actually happening (they don't seem to be here)?  Are your children wandering around with bits of net on their heads, and bouquets of daisies in their hands?  Does that weekend mean more to you than it does to us?

Are you going to watch?  And do you think I'm missing out for not doing so?


  1. We'll probably watch but I think Street parties might be thin on the ground. As I found out in our meeting about a street party the non-Royalists don't want it on April 29th and the Royalists don't either as they want to watch the whole shebang on TV!

  2. We will probably watch as its a good excuse to sit down if nothing else - and I will have the lap top going so I can do some writing at the same time. Our village is having a street party - in the pub over the road! They are putting up bunting and trestle tables and opening it to the three villages around here, so that should be a nice touch. I'm quite looking forward to it - even though i think the young royals are a waste of space!

  3. What a cute photo! Love it.

    I'm not that bothered. The whole shebang is bringing out my republican tendencies. Bah humbug.

  4. The whole thing is making me a feel a bit meh - not sure if its anti-royalist sentiments or just that I'm tired and ratty

    Do remember for Charles & Diana my parents had specially gone out and bought a colour TV

  5. Yep. A British friend I'd doing the whole block party thing. Her republican husband will have a beer and laugh at us. I just can't wait to see Brits do a block party. I have a hunch it will be different from the National Night Out. I wonder if I need to dress....

  6. Pants with Names - actually your post made me rather jealous! Enjoy! And well done you for organising.

    Nikkii - do you really think so? I kind of got the impression it was universal, but maybe if I were in Kent (I will be in Kent actually so I'll be able to see!) it'd be different.

    Diney - does sound fun actually. Maybe this is where Nikkii is right. I haven't seen any sign of that round here.

    Kelloggsville - quite! (although you've got to love the extra bank holiday)

    Deer Baby - thank you! I love that picture, and I meant to get the photographer to re-enact it with us when I really did get married. I forgot of course, but hey ho...

    Muddling - me too on the telly! Or at least I think they did. I'm sure it was new, anyway. I wonder if there's been an appreciable bump in telly sales this time? Wedding in HD anyone?

    AH - put it this way - I'm 34 and I've never been to a street (or indeed block) party. My image is of trestle tables and fizzy pop, but I suspect I've got that from Enid Blyton. WIll be looking forward to the reports!


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