Saturday, 24 October 2009

Fertility on show

One of the good things about going back to work is that I get to go on the tube again.  Tubes aren't designed for harrassed mothers with three small children all intent on getting really close to the mouse they can see "down there, in the hole, mummy".  This means I get to find out what's happening in the world.  Because I see the ads for it.

Clearly I'll never go and see any of the films, or buy any of the stuff, they're advertising. I'm out of the target market these days.  The ads they aim at me are the ones that come on between Property Ladder and the X Factor, not the ones for people who go out.

Anyway, one of the ads that has caught my eye now that I am allowed out of the house is the one for the "Fertility Show".  At Olympia.  Two days and 80 exhibitors.

Now, I realise that I have absolutely no right at all to comment on this, because we, and I am eternally grateful for this, to my great astonishment and despite my PCOS, didn't need any help to conceive.  So bear with me while I comment and forgive me if I say something insenstive or inappropriate.

But surely, the point of the various "shows" (Baby Show, Wedding Show, Bike Show, Tinned Soup Show whatever) is that they're not "shows", they're trade fairs.  They are designed for people to market stuff they want to sell, and to sucker in the punters into thinking that yes they really do need to give everyone who comes to their wedding a box of matches with the date on it. 

And it seems to me that there is something very wrong about treating fertility (or, let's be honest, infertility) as just another opportunity to make money . However much people are prepared to pay.

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  1. Here by way of Potty Mummy - surprised there are actually 80 vendors ready to sell products for infertility. I always assumed all that necessary stuff was obtained through doctor's visits.


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