Monday, 19 October 2009

The missing super-toddler

L still has a sleep during the day.  Often it's not a sleep as such but "playing quietly with [her] friends" (of the small and stuffed variety).  Today she really didn't want to go but I dumped her into bed anyway, because this is MY time.  Since then, I've washed up, cleared up and even had a look at some property porn on the web.  No noise from upstairs.

A has just woken up and started wimpering, so I went up to get her (S sleeps on, oblivious). I popped my head into L's room to check she was asleep and she wasn't there!

Cue bemused, supressed, panic.  She's not there, she's not in A and S's room, but she can't have left the house, so where is she...?

Answer: in our room, in our bed, fast asleep with her head under the pillow (if you'd just walked in and weren't looking for her you wouldn't even have noticed she was in there), and her pants on (back to front, of course) over her pyjamas.  Supertoddler, always there to keep you on your toes....

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