Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Working mum again - week 2

Week two starts tomorrow (yes, I know it's a Wednesday, that's when my week starts.)

I've had a really lovely couple of days with the girls on my own. We've done nothing very exciting, but it's been fun, and as calm as life ever gets around here.  Even L's monumental tantrum on being woken up in our bed (she was still asleep at 4pm and even I, a firm believer in don'twakethebabyupever, decided enough was enough) somehow didn't faze me.

So is that because I'm back at work and 2 days with the children is easier than 5?  Or am I beginning to see that childcare can be a choice, and a choice I can choose to enjoy?

I didn't mind my two days at work last week (let's be honest, three years ago a two day week would have been, literally, a holiday),  but I didn't actively enjoy being there.  Good things: sitting on the tube reading my book, several cups of coffee, several conversations that didn't have to get interrupted to wipe someone's bottom/nose, having to think about what I wanted to do next and being able to choose, a whole day with no sick on my clothes...

The problem is that none of these are directly related to my job.  They're just more about having some space for me.

Let's see how I feel tomorrow.

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