Thursday, 18 March 2010

Dear So and So

Dear Estate Agent.

You did it!  Thank you!  I never thought we'd get here.

love Mr and Mrs PB


Dear House

It's not you. It's us.  We've just grown apart.  We've loved knowing you, but we've signed the papers and this time it really is going to be good bye.

We're sorry.  Have fun without us.  We hope they will love you as much as we have.



Dear Pushchair

Nice try but you failed! You're still in warranty!  We can get you fixed.  Eventually.

Yours getting-the-bus-ly



Dear Bus Driver

No, you're right. It was a scam. 

Because I organised the rain, and the three children, and the borrowed pushchair with no buggy board, and the lost oyster card.  All to get a free ride for three stops.

And it's ok, because I honestly love crying in public.

Thanks for nothing.

Cross of West London


Dear Girls,

You could have made a rather emotional day much worse.  Mummy on her own, Daddy out boozing, nasty bus drivers, exchanged contracts, broken pushchairs. But you were a delight. Thank you.

And now you're asleep.

I love you all

Mummy xx


Dear Return Key

What's going on?  Sort yourself out.  Please?

See you at the next post.

Plan B


With thanks and apologies to the lovely Kat who lives in a Three Bedroom Bungalow in Crazytown for nicking her idea, but I love it and I've been looking for a way to use it for a while now.  I enjoyed writing my postcards!


  1. Sounds like an eventful day. I am going to do my own postcards tonight

  2. I do love a good dear so and so. Congrats on exchanging contracts! So exciting.

  3. I take it it's not the Graco pushchair in the ad below... Congrats on the house sale. Hope your return key sorts itself out - that would be frustrating.

  4. Oh, the crying in public. That's the horrible one. Especially if you're trying to handle some kids at the same time.

  5. Mad Mummy - oh, it was! Although also, worryingly, scarily normal...

    Brits (nearly not) in Bosnia - thank you!

    Susanna - hello! - There is a follow up dear so and so to come... I haven't finished with that bus driver yet...

    Iota - Hilarious! The ad had gone by the time I checked, but nice to see that the freakish how does it read my mind ness of google ads fails sometimes. I don't imagine Graco particularly want to be associated with the ones that break! Oh, and return key fine now. No idea what it was.

    Mwa - it's awful isn't it? And worse when the girls are there, because I don't like them seeing me cry either. Hey ho...

  6. I loved your postcards! They really made me smile, though it sounds pretty hellish having a cry on the bus. Poor you. Rain never helps. Congrats on the house sale though!


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