Sunday, 28 February 2010

NEW for JULY !!! Craft Market

Welcome to the Craft Market!!!

Beautiful items made by real bloggers....

This page (and the market) are, like a real market, a work in progress: stalls will be added, change or leave.  For the background to the craft market, click on the craft market tab in my blog homepage, or to see the wares for sale, read on...

Nicky is new on BMB but is clearly very busy with her stunning handmade paper products which she sells under the name of Gooseberry Moon

Rebecca McLuckie is a fellow twin mum who also makes stunning jewellery which she sells at her own website, (with its very own blog!) Burnished Designs.

Even better, she runs a monthly giveaway! I'm in!

Melisa Moody is originally a textile designer but now makes delicious looking jewellery and accessories.

Helen runs  producing all sorts of beautiful hand made things for babies, boys and girls, their mummies and daddies...

Fiona makes stunning personalised children's artworks:

 Helen Rawlinson  has two shops.  One on Etsy, selling beautiful fabrics:

 as well as her own website of lighting and textile design

Zoe Grant also has two shops (this time on Folksy): Buttons and Bows, selling beautiful ribbons, buttons and sequins

and Zoe and Drew, which has stylish accessories for you and your home:

Claire Mackaness also has a shop on Folksy, in her case selling vintage inspired gifts:

She also makes beautiful cards and occasionally runs classes in Brentwood, so pop by her website for more information.

Helen McIntyre also makes hand-made gifts for beautiful girls of all ages

Hilary Pullen makes little purses and beadkits for children
 Harriet McAlonan makes bespoke children's jewellery for boys and girls  Click the link for lovely pictures

Monica Strydom sells Accessories, Apparel & Gifts for yummy mummies & rockin' cool kids.  She also has 10% off if you quote BMB10 at the checkout!

Grit doesn't sell her playbags, she gives them away to local toy libraries.  What a star.  The playbag blog is here.

Louise Horler makes funky bibs, tooth fairy cushions, baking bags, activity bags, buggy blankets, aprons and more!



Aingeal at Mum's Survival Guide creates unique one of a kind pieces of jewellery

as well as adorable sock pets

 Tola Popoola makes personalised chocolate bars

Paola Thomas has her own craft market here


Amy Lane makes and and decorates cakes and cupcakes for all occasions

Maggy Woodley paints pop art and greetings cards 

Kim at Four Teens and a Teabag makes beautiful bespoke bunting

Sarah Stone makes  fleece hats, scarves, mittens, jackets, jumpers, hoodies, trousers, all in one pyjamas (even in grown up sizes!), baby sleeping bags, blankets, thermals, pillow cases and more...

Fanciful Alice currently has knitted goods (neckwarmers, scarves, ear warmers/hairbands for ladies and girls) but will also, come the Summer,  be making some handbags and felt brooches

 Petra Hoschtitsky (and a friend) make jewellery, knit, sew, embroider, crochet and work with many different materials (textiles often recycled/upcycled). They also organise jewellery making parties for children and adults, arts & crafts and sewing parties in the Manchester/Cheshire area

Sew Mental Mama makes children's clothes

 Anna Allen makes beautiful gift tags and other papery stuff
Steffi loves to knit, make cards and has recently explored felting

Jude specialises in creating personalised nursery art (including canvases and framed, boxed Christening prints)

she also turns your children's artwork into masterpieces for your wall ....

and (if that wasn't enough) she's got 10% off on some items for fans of her facebook page...

Suzanne Harulow is a freelance textile artist.  She makes bespoke wall hangings and lots of other stuff

 Mummy Mad at the Madhouse makes all sorts of wonderful crafty things with (and without) her children.  She's also got a new folksy shop. Take a look!

And then there's me.  I make personalised children's stuff.  T-shirts, towels, bedclothes. Anything you like really... 

And I'm also a trained milliner.  So if you need something special for a wedding, Ascot or just running round the park, let me know:

More to come as and when. Thank you for visiting.


  1. What a lovely round up, there is no need to go to the shops anymore

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  3. Thanks hun! This is a fantastic idea. Don't know why my photo doesn't show. Probably too big?

  4. I think this post was a really nice idea - thanks for the mention. It's lovely to see everyone's wares in one place!

  5. Thank you so much, this is a lovely idea and very kind: I will post about you when I have a moment, wonder woman! Kim x

  6. Thanks for the mention. Love your blog too. Am now a follower!

  7. what a fantastic range of beautiful crafts. i love love love to see them. aren't people amazing! thank you!

  8. Brilliant - you are an absolute gem for setting this up. Thank you x

  9. Thank you for lovely comments, and for very exciting new followers and links too! Sorry if some of the pictures and/or links weren't working. All now (I think) fixed and certainly looking fine from here, but let me know if there are any glitches.

  10. He he! Thank you for the mention :-) I need to dust off my sewing machine and get these bags on the go... this is maybe a virtual kick up the bum!

  11. What a lovely idea. I shall be back to investigate when I have a bit more time. Damn you school run!

    MD x

  12. Thank you for including me! Some really cool stuff on I go window shopping! ;)

  13. oooh Thank you. It's nice to be top of a list for a short while. I'm sure there will be more soon! Best wishes. H

  14. Hi, and thanks for your lovely comment about my 'Kate' picture. I would love to put it on the BMB Craft Market site....just as soon as I work out how to do it... might need to have an early night and concentrate tomorrow! Thanks again!

  15. Two more newbies today! Including you Fiona....

  16. Many thanks for including me in the listings. It;s a lovely selection of crafters and something for everyone - I could solve all my gifts for any occasion using this list! Not sure why my soft toy pic doesn't work, sometimes I give up with computers! lol

  17. Fab list, off to check some of these out.

    Please could you add mine on your next update :

    Thanks :)

  18. Thank you for the fabby round up! Looks great! And thank you for adding me too! :-)

    Maggy x

  19. I have joined this group and I'm so excited about it. I have spent ages trawling the net trying to locate other UK crafters and there you all are, all in one place - somewhere I belong, finally!!


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