Thursday, 2 December 2010

Digitally re:Masterpieces - TheThree (Dis) Graces

It's been a while since I've done a Digitally Re:Masterpieces post.  But I mentioned last time that I knew what I wanted to do, and it was this:

Antonio Canova's The Three Graces (1817) although in fact this isn't quite the right one, because Canova actually sculpted two versions.  This one, which is in the Hermitage in St Petersburg (one of the most amazing places in the world - you have to go there a  minimum of twice: once to gaze in amazement at the building itself and the second time to notice that it happens to have one of the world's greatest collections of art hanging on the walls and dotted around the rooms), and another, commissioned by the Duke of Bedford because he liked the first so much, which now spends half its time in the National Galleries of Scotland, and half in the V&A.

So, living quite close to Edinburgh, we've been lucky enough to see that version quite a few times.  And when I visited it recently with a friend, I was struck again by how beautiful they are, these three sisters.

A bit like this:  

The Three Disgraces (2010)

When I started doing these Digitally re:Masterpieces posts I meant to do one every month and I hoped that other people would join in... I'm still hoping for the latter, although I've failed on the former.  Do join in, and link to your post here:

Oh, and as a side thought, one of the reasons I have not posted this before is because I worried it was inappropriate to put this picture out on the net. Is it? What do people think?

Three Graces picture taken by Mark Thorpe and found on Wikimedia Commons.  Thank you.


  1. Oh fantastic, well done. I was thinking about the remasterpieces as I was out in the woods the other day but I couldn't remember who was doing it, I am so pleased you've posted nd I have book marked it this time. In January I promise I will have a go.

    I'm not sure whether the photo is appropriate or not. I am very blaze about net photos. I did this post which has some good links in that might help you draw your own conclusions.

  2. Aaaaawwwwwww - well you made me smile - and that's appropriate as far as I'm concerned :) :)

  3. Kelloggsville - thank you for the link which was very interesting. I guess there's a totally separate post on this out there, but I think it's all about where each individual draws the line. I don't put any of our names on here, or our faces, or where we live, although I suppose someone who really wanted to could work the latter out. I also checked with B that he was happy with it (which for the record he was, in a much more "yes, why shouldn't you?" sort of way than I had been feeling).

    I also learned, when I was briefly a Samaritan, that people are going to get their kicks out of all sorts of things and we can't control that. As some of the commenters at Jessica Gottleib's blog mentioned, it is just a photo...

    But as I say, maybe others disagree. I suppose we all make our own choices.

    Nikkii - thank you! Makes me smile too!

  4. Oh so very cute xxx

  5. Thank you!

    oh, and a ps. Just realised that saying "I don't put my face up here" when the post below has my face on it looks a little stupid. But believe me, I don't look ANYTHING like that most days, I'd never have posted otherwise....

  6. No, not inappropriate. Though I can see some might think so. Bottoms are pretty generic and unrecognisable, after all.

  7. Genius genius genius. I absolutely LOVE this.
    Apart from being utterly hilarious I just find the photo charming and makes my heart swell as a mother! x

  8. Thank you Tara! From the patron saint of blogging and photos, that's particularly appreciated!

  9. ps you can't have them, by the way, they're mine!


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