Sunday, 12 December 2010

Two twos make...

This post is for Mocha Beanie Mummy's (almost) Silent Sunday, and in honour of my wonderful A and S who were two yesterday.

I love you very much, girls, and am so proud of you both.

Silent Sunday


  1. Ahww happy birthday to your girls! Those are some fabulous cakes :D

  2. Never mind the girls, I'd be proud of the cakes. They're fabulous. Great entry!

  3. I wish I was this artistic when making cakes. My kids are lucky if they get sprinkles. Well done you!

  4. Happy birthday! It is the birthday season in my world too! x

  5. Love the cake, can not believe the girls are 2! OMG. How are you feeling at the moment. we will get together at some point. I will let you know the next time I am up Newcastle way

  6. Aw sorry I missed it on Sunday! Happy Birthday, hope they had a fab time. Cakes are brill! My boy was two last month, hope the terrible twos are (doubly) good to you :)

  7. Jay - thank you! and more importantly thank you for running the Silent Sunday. It's fab - even if I've been enjoying it mostly as a spectator up until now!

    DomesticGoddesque - don't worry, I am! (they were pretty tasty too!)

    Kat - it was easy, it really was! And lots of fun too. Try it, go on! Like plasticine, or playdoh, but with sugar!

    Linz - I sympathise! We have my mum, my brother (30 yesterday!), the girls, my sister's boyfriend and me all in the space of 12 days in December, and that's before we start thinking about Christmas....eeeeeeeeek!

    The Moiderer - thank you!

    MadHouse - me neither! Can't belive I've been blogging for over a year either... Feeling good now, although was pretty miserable back there for a while. Would love to catch up, so do keep me posted.

    Mrs Alexander - thank you they had a wonderful time! Hope your boy did too. Where have the last two years gone?!


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