Tuesday, 1 December 2009

By George, I think she's got it!

I'm almost afraid to post this one in case I jinx it, but we might, just might, be there with the potty training...

We left L, the Sunday before last, insisting that she didn't want to wear a nappy because "Molly doesn't wear a nappy in bed".  And the thing is, she hasn't worn one since.  And the last two nights - she's been dry!

I don't know if we just hit the right thing at the right time, or whether the tip from Potty Mummy to buy her a new potty (which we did that afternoon) was the right one, or whether, perhaps more likely, she, all machiavellian, power-hungry, two and a half years of her, simply decided that she'd had enough of toying with us, but somehow, suddenly, it seems to be working.

She's pooing in the (new, Thomas) potty (why did no-one tell me how much more gross poo is when smeared all over a potty than when smeared all over your delicious daughter?) and telling me when she needs to go. ("Mummy, I don't feel very well" seems to be the phrase of choice, quite why, I have no idea).

And, as I say, we're putting her to bed with no nappy on, lifting her for a wee when we go to bed, and then she is (or has been for the last two nights) dry in the morning.  After six months of swearing and of half-believing she'd never do it I feel like I've won the lottery.  Admittedly dry sheets and no nappies aren't going to buy me the entirely new wardrobe I'd like, but for the moment, I'll take them.


  1. Aww well done, hope it continues well for you

  2. Well done! We're starting to have the little chat every night about nappies v pants. Ben is keen to ditch nappies - two weeks into potty training with numerous poo's on the floor I am keen to keep bedtime nappies!

    I agree about it being grosser in the potty - I gagged the first two times I emptied a pooey potty but I never bat an eyelid at a pooey nappy - weird!

  3. Now can you pass some of that on to our house please... Car has decided that its now Ok for teddies to pee on potty (accompanied by noises!) but still screams blue murder at you if you attempt to put her on!

  4. My daughter has been trained for a year and we moved house and my husband got a new job and she regressed. I'm hoping she's out of nappies at night by uni lol

    I do think kids just train when they are ready!

  5. Wow, well done on the training. MiniMad is still in pull ups on a night. I will try again over christmas!!

  6. Wow, well done L. I think she just decided that now was the time. It is so lovely when they are trained and dry at night, we are saving a fortune on the nappy front. Yay!


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