Thursday, 3 December 2009

Plan B - Children's T-shirts

You read it here first.  The one and only original, Plan B hand-embellished children's t-shirts are now on sale at a shop near you.  Well, they are if you live near the Fulham Road in London. Otherwise they're not, but I've got to start somewhere.

And I actually started with making a t-shirt for L for her birthday.  When I say "making" what I actually mean is "buying from John Lewis and applique-ing her name on the back".  But I was rather pleased with it so then I made some for my nieces (more identical twins - allegedly it's not hereditary, but...). And my sister-in-law is friends with the lady who owns the shop and....

....the rest is history.

To be honest, I never actually thought it would happen.  No false modesty here, but these are not professionally-made t-shirts.  They  have the charm of the genuinely home made... or something, so I got an incredible sense of achievement yesterday when I was told they were on the shop floor of what is, in all honesty, a very posh and not at all "delightfully amateurish" shop.

Now, I realise I'm not going to make my fortune making children's t-shirts from the comfort of my kitchen table with the sewing machine I got as a present for passing my GCSE's, but I am so excited by this.  It feels like a real step towards finding something that I can do that is mine, and isn't just washing clothes, wiping noses or waiting for my children to grow up.

So cross your fingers for me and wish me luck.  All we need now is for someone to buy one!

Oh, and ps, although I know some of you might disapprove of this, clearly if anyone does want one, you know where I am...


  1. Check you out clever clogs!
    I have a sewing machine in my spare room which my mum 'handed down' to me and every time I have visions of me craft some wonderful creation for my daughter out of calico or silk or something, I take the cover of the machine, remember my days in needlework class at school and just think 'hmm, best not'

  2. Fab! Congrats!!! I will be ordering for J's birthday in Feb!! (Her Christmas stocking is already bulging :-)) Good luck with this. You are really talented!

  3. They look amazing. I keep trying to email you but can't find an address - could you get in touch with me, as I know a few people who'd love these for birthday presents etc!

  4. Well done indeed. I think that they are lovley

  5. well done, that's such a great idea. Hope it proves successful for you.

  6. Well done you - they look fab ! I understand where you're coming from with the wanting something to do that is yours and unconnected with looking after children...very jealous in a friendly kinda way ;-)

  7. Congratulations, these look great and I can understand the sense of accomplishment you must feel seeing them in a "real" shop. I'm thinking of asking you to create one for me! And I'm thinking these might be great presents for god daughters who have big sisters and therefore plenty of toys. Can you post some details about how we can buy them, design/fabric options, price etc please.

  8. As it happens, I DO live near the Fulham Road in London. Fancy a coffee?

  9. What a great venture. Congrats to you.


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