Thursday, 17 December 2009

Scandal in the toy box

The Fisher Price Mummy went missing a number of months ago. Since then the Daddy and the baby have been getting along very nicely thank you. But now Mr Noah too is nowhere to be found. Mrs Noah is putting on a brave face, but I can see she has her suspicions...

Where on earth do they go? I have checked everywhere, including turning out the bins. It's clearly the parental version of the missing sock in the washing machine.  And just as irritating.


  1. Or Mrs Noah and Fisher Price Daddy have been having a wild affair on the side and decided to rid themselves of their pesky married other halves... lets not delve too deeply into this, it could be nasty!

  2. Good lord, wait till you have playmobil thrown in too!! Saying that MaxiMad has a bit of OCD tendencies, everything has a place!!!

  3. Clearly they have eloped together - the gap in between was just to throw off any suspicion.

  4. But their babies will be hybrids: Fisher Price/Biblical. Definitely 'gainst nature.


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