Sunday, 6 December 2009

Her own sense of style

Allegedly Suri Cruise, aged 3, has her "own sense of style".  In Suri's case, this apparently means she chooses to wear button-up shoes and lovely coats with velvet collars, and always looks beautifully put together in a manner reminiscent of those pictures of your granny in about 1932.

L also has her own sense of style and chooses to wear, well, ahem, this:

Possibly they get it from their mothers.


  1. I love that top - did you make it? L looks fab in polkadots & cosy boots.
    I bet Suri has her own stylist anyway :P

  2. You know what I think she looks great. I wish I could get away with such styles

  3. she looks brilliant! I am extremely jealous of her tights.

  4. lol I think she looks fab! She's so cute!

  5. go mama go! you have great style!


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