Saturday, 6 February 2010

Lots of loose ends (featuring the Book at Blogtime)

There are all sorts of things I've been meaning to blog about recently but somehow time/children/sleep/having a million people looking round our house because the people who were supposed to be buying it can't sell their flat and so we've had to put it back on the market have got in the way.  So here goes...


L's new favourite song?

There once was a deadly duckling.


I finished reading Grow up Cupid by June Oldham. (Sadly no image available, even on June Oldham's own website) I'd like to say it  made me laugh out loud, but that would be a lie.  In fact it made me snort unattractively.  Lots.  I picked it up because I was told it was an antidote to the Twilight series, and it certainly lived up to its billing.  Mog is cynical, witty and doesn't believe in men.  Very not Bella Swan, and highly amusing.  Although of course it all comes right in the end.  Mog is, among other things (studying for her A-levels, setting up a creche at her college, carrying on a vendetta against her former headmaster), writing a Mills and Boon style novel, and her thoughts are interspersed with her own commentary written in that inimitable style.  As someone who read A LOT of Mills and Boon while incarcerated at boarding school (no creche there.  No headmaster either), I loved this.   In fact I'm feeling rather inspired.  Watch this space for a post in the style of Mills and Boon...

Now on to Conspirators by Michael Andre Bernstein. Finding it quite hard going so far...


Further update on the ongoing "another baby" question:

I met a woman in the supermarket today whose sister had three children and went for a fourth.  And got triplets.

I'm not telling B.


Ages ago the lovely Muddy no Sugar tagged me for a meme (read her interview with her daughters if you want a fantastic laugh too). I've been rubbish about doing it, but here it is, ten things that make me happy:

  1. My girls giggling at each other.  It's happening more and more these days and it's just magic.
  2. Being alone in my house with nothing to do, a good book and a box of chocolates (doesn't happen often)
  3. Falling asleep every night while being cuddled (in a totally non-too-much-information sort of way) by B
  4. My millinery course.
  5. Losing those extra pounds.  I'm working on this one!
  6. Coming home after a day at work and finding that B has tidied up/washed up/done the ironing/put a load of laundry on.
  7. Sunshine.  Wasn't it a beautiful day today?  Didn't it just lift your soul?
  8. New shoes.
  9. Georgette Heyer.
  10. Watching A & S, naked, crawling to the bath.  Makes me smile just thinking about those bottoms.

I need to tag some people, but I'm so behind the times on this one that I imagine everyone's already done it. If you haven't, and want to be tagged, let me know!

And the really lovely thing about this meme? It made me realise that there are so much more than ten things that make me happy.  I'm so lucky, I really am.


And finally.

I had my first, well, I'm so new to this one that I don't know what the proper name for it is... but anyway, for the first time someone got in touch and asked me if I wanted to review some stuff for my blog.

And I'm not sure how I feel about this.  Clearly free moisturiser would be nice, if not essential, but I'm really not sure I want to go down the reviewing products route.  Lots of the blogs I love do it, and lots of those I love don't.  I can't presume that those who don't aren't offered the products, so I must assume that they choose not to take up the offers.  If that's right, I'm wondering why not.

So what do we think? Is there an etiquette on this sort of thing?  Should I do it? Would you think more or less of me if I did/didn't?  Do let me know. I'm genuinely interested.


  1. I love the deadly duckling. Were it's feathers all sharp and pointy, and dipped in arsenic? Or wouldn't that scan?

  2. Love the things that make you happy..
    Not sure what the etiquette for the reviewing things is, try Tara at sticky fingers, she knows her bloggy onions on this.

  3. Reviews is an interesting one. I've done a few but have kept them very relevant to my blog and lifestyle. If you want to do them go with it. I've found I get fewer visits and comments when I review something and to be honest I only read other reviews if it's a product I'm really interested in. I say go for it if you like the product and the brand.

  4. Triplets - holy moly!
    I've done a few reviews and, like Emily, they're not that popular with my readers. I only accept something now if it is of value to my family (toys mainly). Writing reviews can be a pain when you have little time and would rather be writing about something else. I wouldn't think any less of you for reviewing something. I hope the moisturiser takes years off you. If it does, please blog about it so I can get some! :-)

  5. Iota - of course if he was a deadly duckling it would at least justify the other ducks saying "quack get out of town". No-one wants a potential health hazard wandering around.... he'd have had to have a flu friend at the very least...

    Thanks to others to for thoughts on reviewing - I'm going to go with this one and we'll see how I get on!

  6. Be picky with the reviews - you can get to try some great stuff but there's also a lot of junk out there.

  7. Thanks Glowstars. Will see how this one goes and be picky with any more.


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