Monday, 22 February 2010

Millinery - week 6

Less good week this week so no picture of my felt hat... I decided to make the crown a bit deeper and then managed to sew it on to the brim back to front. Doh! So it's irritatingly back in two pieces.

In good news though, I've started my straw. So here's a lovely picture of that instead:

- Posted using BlogPress from the bus (again). Which means I can't reply properly now to all the lovely and supportive comments on my resignation letter. But I will. Thank you all so much.


  1. that is very impressive! i feel in awe and a little jealous of your millinery skills.

  2. Oh very four weddings. Are you going to keep it up in Scotland?

  3. Oooh that is pretty - you are so talented

  4. Thank you all! Definitely keeping it up in Scotland. Hoping it might be a way of earning a bit of pocket money in due course.... Can't decide what to trim it with though - am not sure I can carry off the full floral four weddings!!

  5. You are amazing, how do you find the time....and a job?? It looks fantastic- what a skill to have.
    There is an award at mine for you....xx

  6. Thank you both again - and for the award! Very excitingly I have signed up for the next level of millinery course. Can't wait.


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