Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Moving house - aged 2 3/4

Apropos of nothing, while on the loo (her, not me), about ten  minutes ago (after bedtime, procrastinating):

L:  Mummy, in my new house there will be a bed for Molly.

(Note: Statement of fact, not a question. Molly is 4 1/2 and role model, best friend, potty training inspiration and god in L's eyes.  Quite how Molly sees L is less clear).

L:  And Ellie can sleep in the tent.

(Ellie is Molly's younger sister.  Actually closer in age to L than Molly is, but clearly a lower class of being.  The tent, for the avoidance of doubt, is actually a travel cot.  Even L isn't planning on putting Ellie in the garden).

Me: Yes lovely girl. Of course there'll be a bed for Molly and Ellie at our new house.

L:  Mummy, are we going in the car to our new house?

(Note: New house as yet to be found, much less bought.  Logistics of moving not something that has yet crossed my mind).

Me:  Well, we might go in the car, but we might go on a plane.

(New house in Scotland, so that's not as ridiculous as it sounds, at least for moving children, if not stuff)

L:  Yes! A plane! And I'm going to take my plane, and Mummy Sheep and Dingle Sheep and Other One Sheep (yes, that really is his name) and Chick.  Because they're my favourites.  And my white blanket.

Me:  Ok. You can take all of them.

L:  And somebody nice is going to live in this house.

Me: I hope so.

L: And Daddy is going to stay here.

Me:  Well, actually I think Daddy's going to come with us.  Is that ok?  Do you think Daddy should stay here or come with us and live in the new house?

L: (Thinks).  He can come with us, ok, Mummy?


Aside from the comedy potential of leaving B here for purchasers to discover when they move in, and I think her logic was that it would be nice for them to have him rather than that she didn't want him, I'm not entirely sure why I felt the need to post this conversation.

But I did. And I think it's because somehow it made me feel sad.  Sad that we're leaving this house (eventually) and sad that she sort of understands, but doesn't, that everything's going to change...And how do you explain that to a 2 3/4-year-old, when this is all she's ever known?



  1. It will be so exciting for her when the move happens, even though a little daunting at the prospect of leaving every thing she knows.

    CJ xx

  2. I know - and the whole point of moving is for them (better schools, bigger garden, downstairs loo (actually that one's for me) - but I don't think we've really realised how much upheaval it's going to be, and if we don't, how can she?

  3. I think it is a lovely idea to leave Daddy there as a welcoming gift for the new family. I wonder what your new house will come with!!! lol Mich x

  4. Moving home is really hard at that age, Maxi was about that when we moved. It really did take home talking through and we read lots of books too. Do you have a date yet??

  5. My 10 year old has moved 3 times in her life, the first time was when she was 1 and the next when she was 3. Like most things we Mums worry about, they just take in in their stride and, as Paul Young sang, home is 'wherever I lay my hat' so don't fret! Good luck with the move. (I'm an estate agent!)

  6. That's so adorable! I just love the house moving conversations with my toddler. They are priceless and you have to record them on the blog. Looking forward to reading more.

  7. Cute, cute, cute! Sunshine award waiting for you over at mine. x

  8. A friend's daughter told her teacher that when they moved, the new house would have a bedroom for her, and a separate one for her baby brother, but Mummy and Daddy would still have to share.

    Where are you going in Scotland? Or don't you want to say? (quite understand)

  9. Bless her what a cutie! Does Dad count as fixtures and fittings?

  10. Have another sunshine award from me!

  11. Sorry - have been a bit delayed with replying to all these lovely comments because we were in the grim and frozen north (note to self - must stop calling it that) hunting for a house this weekend.

    So anyway some answers to some questions:

    We haven't actually got anywhere to move to yet, but this house is now sold (for the second time - cross fingers for me) and we fell in love this weekend. We are now in a sealed bids situation (in a recession!!! How does this happen?!) so cross fingers for us...

    oh, and Iota - it's in the borders... you were west coast weren't you? Any hints and tips for dealing with the natives? (other than the one I'm married to clearly)

    Mad House, Diney and It's a Mummy's life - any tips from those who've been there? She seems to be fine with the whole idea at the moment, but as I say, I don't think she knows what it really means.

    RebaMc and Young Mummy - thank you thank you thank you!!!! A smiley moment in a rather stressful 48 hours...

    oh, and I think Mum with Carrot clearly has a better commercial mind than Michelle - why leave him as a gift if I can get some money for him....?!!


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