Monday, 8 February 2010

Millinery - week 4

It's a hat! It's not sewn together yet, mind, but it's definitely a hat.

And it now has a wired brim and a lovely (half-finished) petersham edge.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone (and the bus - quite excited by that but not sure it will work... Here's hoping)

And in fact it didn't - it "posted but not published" and I'm now publishing from home.  Can anyone more technologically savvy than me tell me how to publish from the bus....?


  1. Great hat! And happy new 'three column layout' - glad you got it to work :o) Looks good!

  2. Wow! Its looking great. Think you may have found your new vocation. Can't wait to see the finished article!

  3. Lovely hat.

    There's an option on your iphone to 'publish immediately or review and publish' or something like that. You can click on that. I think...!

  4. Cool hat. Needs some fruit-based decoration... ;-)

  5. Rachel - thank you for compliments and tips!

    Mum with carrot - thank you too! I am really loving it and if it works out as a Plan B if and when the Proper Job and I part company so much the better...

    It's a Mummy's Life - thanks, but I did that and tha's what didn't work. Ho hum.

    And Mrs T. No. Just "no". I don't think the Carmen Miranda look's where it's at these days...


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